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WATCH | Beamer street brawl: Shirtless men in viral clip opt to bury ‘hatchet’ outside of court

Social media was buzzing on Monday after a video surfaced of a group of Gauteng residents fighting in the street.

The incident happened on Sunday and while a charge of assault was initially laid, the parties have since decided to bury the “hatchet” outside of court.

Video footage of the brawl shows two men fighting with each other. One then pulls out a sword, attempting to stab the other.

“He’s got a knife and he is stabbing him,” a woman shouts.

The two men get into a fistfight before roughing it out on the ground, after taking a tumble.

There are plenty of shouting and swearing and several people try to break up the fight but to no avail. At least two of the men in the video aren’t wearing any shirts.

Later in the clip, a woman asked someone to hold her dog. She then enters the fray, chasing away a passerby who tried to break up the altercation.

Security company Special Ops 99, whose vehicle was captured on the scene, told News24 a member of their staff had tried to intervene after driving past the fight.

“The individual in the marked car was a salesperson of Special Ops who was driving past on the way to the shops and saw the incident,” management said in a short statement.

“He is not a reaction officer and tried his best to break up the fight.”

As the fight draws to a close, one man asks someone on the scene to get his gun.

At this point, it is still unclear what the fight was about. Neither Special Ops nor SAPS were able to confirm whether the incident happened in Kyalami Estate, as was widely reported on social media.

Police spokesperson Captain Mavela Masondo, however, confirmed that charges were filed.

“A charge of assault with the intent of causing grievous bodily harm was laid at the Midrand police station,” Masondo said.

The charges were later dropped after the parties decided to resolve the issue outside of court.

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