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Gauteng pupil arrested for allegedly selling drugs at his school

A 17-year-old Gauteng high school pupil has been arrested for being in possession of drugs and selling them to his fellow pupils.

The arrest came after police and other law enforcement agencies in Gauteng conducted a search at Sapphire Secondary School in Bophelong outside Vanderbijlpark, south of Johannesburg, on Thursday.

Their random search resulted in the discovery of packets of crystal meth and dangerous weapons in the possession by pupils.

Gauteng Community Safety MEC Faith Mazibuko, who was part of the operation, said she was shocked with what they had found. 

The operation was part of the province’s Operation O Kae Molao.

Mazibuko said they had found pupils armed with weapons, including knives.

“During our search, we discovered that girls in that school also carry knives. Others carry sharpened teaspoons and scissors. What is worrying is that we also found crystal meth drugs in possession of a pupil. He alleged that he was selling drugs for some other people and was selling a packet for R50,” Mazibuko said.

She added that there were boys who were known at the school for threatening and terrorising teachers.

Mazibuko said she hoped that such police operations would help the department to thwart such activities.

She said teachers had complained to her that they often saw pupils armed with dangerous weapons inside the school premises.

“Those pupils have turned themselves into bullies. Teachers are afraid of them because if they could take any action against such pupils, they will pull out their weapons. This is shocking and we believe with these ongoing operations and campaigns on school safety and school searches we can be able to deal with wrong things,” Mazibuko said.

Police are expected to interrogate the arrested pupil to identify other drug users and dealers in the school and also identify their suppliers. 

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